3 Ways to Overcome FB Lite Errors

Blog Writer – Facebook is a social network that is very busy with users today, from small children to the elderly. Besides that, on Facebook there are many types and characteristics of people, from super clueless to IT pros.

Due to the large number of users, FB has created 2 Facebook apps for mobile, namely Facebook Cellular and Lite. Lite or Facebook Lite is very light and saves quota and data packages. Lite is light because it eats up little smartphone RAM and loads compressed images.

So the difference between the Facebook Cellular app and FB Lite is that if we upload a photo via Lite the image is a bit broken and blurry and on Lite we cannot Live and watch Live in progress.

Luckily in the Lite app we can still see our activity logs like in the Facebook Mobile app and the web version of Facebook. However, with the advantages of light Lite, it has several weaknesses, one of which is frequent errors.

The error is usually in the form of an app that cannot be opened with a notification “Sorry, a problem occurred. Please try again” or “Oops… We are unable to process this request at this time. Please try again later.”

For the error “Sorry, a problem occurred. Please try again” usually we can’t open the app for a few minutes to hours but can still log in via the Browser or via the Facebook Mobile app.

While the error “Oops… We are unable to process this request at this time. Please try again soon” we cannot open certain features such as Facebook profiles, groups, or other features and menus found in the FB Lite app.

Then why do FB Lite frequent errors and glitches? usually there is a server repair or update from the center or it could be a bug in the account or in the app that you are using. How to solve these two problems?

There are several ways you can do this. But before continuing, you can read why videos on Facebook are blurry when played and how to see friends’ birthdays on Facebook easily.

How to Overcome the Lite Error App Cannot be Opened

How to Overcome the Lite Error App Cannot be Opened

1. Shut Up for a Moment

The first way is not to open the Lite app first. You can close the Lite app by force stopping the app or just leave it for about 5 – 20 minutes. Usually after we don’t open the app for a while the error will disappear..

2. Delete FB Lite Cache Files

The next step is to fix the FB Lite error by deleting the cache or trash and app data in the Lite app. This method usually works, but you have to log back into your account if it turns out that your account was logged out because the cache was cleared.

3. Update the Facebook Lite app

Finally, if your Lite app still has an error, you can update the app version to the latest version or a higher version. Usually the error appears because the app you are using is very outdated and needs to be updated again.

So, those are some ways to fix FB Lite, where the error can’t access certain features or the Lite app can’t be opened, just loading. If you want to make sure that the Lite app or Facebook server error, you can log in to your FB account via the browser.

If you can successfully log in via a web browser, it means that the problem is the Lite app.

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