How to Overcome and Eliminate Asthma

Blog Writer – Among the efforts to get rid of asthma which is currently widely used by the general public, namely the use of breathing apparatus or inhalers, provide natural steps in eliminating asthma.

At first glance, asthma is also called wheezing, asthma is a respiratory problem in the form of an allergy or sensitivity to something that enters the body, whether dust or cold.

Asthmatic patients can experience difficulty breathing and feel tight in the chest. Usually accompanied by coughing when breathing and a high but narrow sound.

People who live with asthma can feel that their quality of life will be affected by asthma, let alone to the point of being life-threatening, therefore things that are needed to deal with it must be known. Asthma is actually manageable.

How to Overcome and Treat Asthma

How to Overcome and Eliminate Asthma

Here’s How to Overcome and Treat Asthma:

1. Avocado

Avocados are known to contain the highest concentrations of l-glutathione, which is an anti-asthma food that is able to protect cells, fight damage caused by free radicals, and detoxify the body from pollutants and other harmful substances. L-glutathione in avocados can also help quell systemic inflammation and repair damaged gut health. A system which in turn helps avoid the causes of asthma.

2. Cabbage

Cabbage is a natural source of vitamin C which has the unique power of blocking free radicals and is responsible for the contraction of the smooth muscles of the inner airways. Cabbage is also a source of the phytochemical beta-carotene which is a powerful antioxidant that reduces the symptoms of asthma or prevents it.

3. Spinach

A study involving 68,535 female participants showed that high consumption of spinach was directly linked to a reduced risk of asthma. The results of this research may be supported by the fact that spinach is high in vit. c, beta-carotene, vit. e, and magnesium.

4. Bananas

According to a study conducted in 2011 by researchers from Imperial College London, eating bananas every day can prevent asthma. the study found that children who ate one banana a day, experienced a reduced risk of asthma symptoms such as wheezing by about 34%.

5. Water

In most people diagnosed with asthma, the condition is usually due to dehydration. According to some experts, the signs of asthma started as warnings that the body needs water. so you need to meet the needs of water every day to prevent the development of asthma symptoms.

6. Ginger

Ginger is a powerful anti-asthmatic herb, in fact some people say that it works better than antihistamines like Benadryl when it comes to clearing the airways and stopping inflammation.

Its fiber and antioxidant properties make ginger a powerful medicine without causing harmful side effects, which means it is safe for you to add it to your daily diet and drinks for good health.

7. Turmeric

The anti-inflammatory active ingredients in turmeric can also fight inflammation which is responsible for swelling of the lungs and constriction of the airways during an asthma attack. Because it helps dilate blood vessels and relax muscles, turmeric is a powerful weapon when it comes to preventing flare-ups of asthma symptoms.

8. Apples

Apples contain quercetin which has been shown to provide strong protection against asthma. A European study found that pregnant women who consumed at least four apples per week had a 53% lower risk of having a child with asthma.

How to Cure Asthma

Other Steps How to Cure Asthma:

1. Consumption of coffee

How to deal with Asthma A person who consumes hot coffee when asthma relapses, can help a person relieve shortness of breath. This is because coffee is widely known, and it is effective for opening the airways that are squeezed in the chest.

2. Inhale the aroma of white rich oil

if you already feel the symptoms of asthma can appear, quickly inhale the aroma of eucalyptus oil. because the aroma of rich white oil can calm the nerves. so that it can prevent asthma from recurring, or it can widen your breath when asthma flares up.

3. Drinking basil leaf juice and honey

another way to deal with asthma attacks, you can consume basil leaf juice mixed with honey. This has been proven to help suffer from asthma and restore breathing back to normal.

4. Don’t panic

Don’t panic if your asthma has relapsed, because panic can only worsen your respiratory circulation. Therefore, in such conditions, it is recommended to remain calm and start slowly inhaling oxygen from the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

This needs to be done so that your situation can be much better. for a moment, when the situation has improved, you can immediately call a doctor or call someone to ask for help.

5. Stay away from congested and dusty areas

If someone is having an asthma attack, the best way is to go out into the open. The goal is that you can breathe freely, whether you are sitting or standing.

6. Slide to a warm area

Sometimes, the cold also causes a person’s asthma to flare up, so quickly move to a warmer or humid area. the goal is to relieve your shortness of breath due to asthma, or prevent asthma from recurring.

7. Reduce and manage stress

Stress is another factor that can make asthma worse. To help manage stress, several methods such as massage, meditation, regular exercise, and yoga can be tried.

8. Get the right sport

Aerobic exercise is good for people living with asthma. these exercises include jogging or walking in the morning.

However, don’t overdo it when exercising. Excessive exercise can make the body tired which can cause an asthma attack. Ask your doctor about the right type and intensity of exercise.

9. Maintain good sanitation around the living area

People living with asthma should try to keep their home environment as clean as possible.

make sure the bathroom is clean, not damp, or overgrown with mold. also make sure all rooms in the house get adequate ventilation.

10. Stay away from insecticide sprays

An asthma patient should avoid insecticide and pesticide sprays that can irritate the respiratory tract. If you want to get rid of insects at home, use other methods besides using insecticides. Insect poison spray can only cause an asthma attack

11. Add an air filter to the air conditioner

Dust can be a cause of asthma. dust flying when the ac is turned on can be a special problem for asthma patients. make sure to put the air filter on the air conditioner to get clean air from dust.

12. Do breathing exercises

the study of how to breathe deeply can also help treat asthma problems.
Difficulty breathing is one of the effects of an asthma attack and learning how to manage this problem can be very helpful.

13. Adding to consuming foods rich in vit. a, b6, b12, vit. c, e, and omega-3

Building the immune system with nutrient-rich foods as described above can help reduce the suffering and recurrence rate of asthma.

14. Stop smoking and stay away from cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoke can cause asthma. Then, stop smoking and stay away from cigarette smoke.

15. Pets

If you have asthma, a person may want to make the decision not to have pets at home. but if you already have it, make sure to keep the house clean especially from pet hair which can cause asthma

That’s a description of How to Overcome and Eliminate Asthma, hopefully it helps and get well soon.

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